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2007 - PT. Geoscanner Indonesia


We provide a wide range of survey and specialist services ensuring that a complete turn-key solution can be provided for every project. With a team of dedicated and experience staff Geoscanner's service capabilities include:

1. Geophysical Survey
         a. Geoscanner Survey using SP, IP (Induced Polarization), and
             Resistivity Method
         b. Ground Magnetic Survey
     2. Geological Survey
         a.  General Geological Survey (Geological Surface Mapping)
         b.  Due Diligent Survey
     3. Topographic Mapping


Exploration in geology is the process and science of locating valuable mineral or petroleum deposits, which have commercial value. The term "prospecting" is almost synonymous with the term "exploration". Mineral seldom occur at the surface and are seldom obvious. Most often they are buried, sometimes at considerable depth. Since they are not visible, we must detect their presence indirectly and extrapolate between points where data is known. Many different techniques can be used to detect an ore body. The most important techniques used in exploration geology include geological field methods, and geophysical methods.

Geophysical methods provide explorationists a second chance to definitely, and in cost-effective fashion, explore for mineral resources. Geophysical methods can be very effective as additional tool in various underground explorations and are designed to meet the geological objectives and the expected stratigraphic sections. Combinations between geological information (borehole information) and geophysical applications can provide additional detail to geological interpretation.